How to Update Toyota IT2 Dianostic Software

Recently a customer asked me that he had a Toyota IT2 Diagnostic Tool with 2013 software and how can he upgrade it to the latest 2014 version? Let us talk about this today.

As you might have noticed, when the package arrived at your door, it was come with three cards, a Toyota CF card, a Suzuki CF card and a blank card. Except the blank, the other cards contain a Toyota software and a Suzuki software separately. To use the Toyota software, you should insert the Toyota card into the slot at the bottom of Toyota IT2 scanner; vice versus. The cards are also the key to upgrade Toyota IT2 software.

If you want to update diagnostic software for Toyota, please follow the steps below:


Step 1 – Take out the Toyota CF card.

Step 2- Put the CF card in a card reader.

Step 3 – Plug the card reader to a PC USB port.

Step 4 – Find the Toyota software in the CF card and delete it.

Step 5 – Copy and paste a new Toyota software in the card.

Step 6 – Unplug the card reader and put the card back to the device. The new software is available now.

It is likewise to upgrade Toyota IT2 software for Suzuki.

At present, the latest Toyota IT2 software versions are:

Toyota: 2014.06

Suzuki: 2014.06

The latest software will soon be released on, so stay tunned!