Launch Creader VII Diagnostics check is not legitimate

Hi, Erin,

I need some help here. I cannot download firmware for my Launch Creader VII!!! I tried touse proxy server to download the latest firmware, but it showed a window “Diagnostic check is not legitimate. Please contact your local dealer.” Then I tried to pull error code from my Peugeot with it, but it kept telling me that. Please see the picture below.


I do all the steps to use the diagnose function, but only can access to Diagnose > Scan. What should I do? Thanks in advance.



Dear Chris,

There is supposed to be a CF card come with Launch Creader VII. To upgrade its firmware, you cannot connect the tool to a computer directly. Instead, you should take the CF card out, put the card in a CF card reader (which can also be found in the package), plug the card reader into USB port on the computer, delete the old firmware and replace it with a new one. When you finish the steps, the firmware is updated successfully. Put the CF card back and the Launch scanner will be with new firmware. Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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