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V1.6.2 VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version update

August 18, 2020 sales 0

VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version V1.6.2 update *********************************************************************** *** 2020-08-18 *** Require firmware V1.4.7 ************************************************************************ ===== BMW V1.6.2 ===== 1. Support backup VCM function-You can restore FA from other module 2. Support read ISN for ECU N13/N20/N55/N63 – Require BMWTOOL PRO hardware and ECU adapter 3. Support programming NBT/CIC – Require BMWTOOL PRO hardware 4. Improvement for E/F/G series programming and coding 5. Bugfix Download link:

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V4.9.4 VVDI PROG Programmer Update information

May 28, 2020 sales 0

VVDI PROG Programmer V4.9.4 Update information Download link: v4.9.4             (2020-05-26) * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.9.4 version in Doc folder + Add R7F701330 option in <2-MCU-> + Add FENGJUN-7 option in <5-DASHBOARD-> + Add TOYOTA-RAV4 option in <5-DASHBOARD-> + Add BAOJUN-310/560 AIRBAG option in <7-AIRBAG-> + Add T300 AIRBAG option in <7-AIRBAG-> + Add NEW VISION AIRBAG option in <7-AIRBAG-> + Add BAODIAN AIRBAG option in […]

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BMW ICOM Software Update to V2020.03

May 9, 2020 sales 0

V2020.03 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.21.30 ISTA-P With Engineers Programming Compatible with BMW ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3, ICOM PRO+A3, ICOM Next Multi-language available in diagnosing, […]

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Xtool X100 Pro2 Support Car List

March 4, 2020 sales 0

XTOOL X100 Pro Auto Key Programmer Features One Year Warranty Free Update Online 1.Upgradeable via web-based download, Upgrade step, please reference page 11-14 on user manual; […]

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 V4.9.1 VVDI PROG latest software version update information

February 24, 2020 sales 0

 V4.9.1 VVDI PROG latest software version update information Free download link:!ERt1DCrK!EnIbrixDeXcCI8_o1XvMrQ7ZZPOC5WATz9aNvRHiDOg v4.9.1             (2020-02-19) * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.9.1version in Doc folder + Add ME17.3.0(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><ABARTH> + Add MED17.1.10(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><AUDI> + Add EDC17CP54(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><AUDI> + Add EDC17C69(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><ALFA-ROMEO> + Add MED17.3.3(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><ALFA-ROMEO> + Add ME17.8.31(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-> <ASTON-MARTIN> + Add MED17.7.5(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-> <ASTON-MARTIN> + Add MED17.7.7(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><BENZ> + Add MED17.7.5(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><BENZ> + Add ME17.8.3.3(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>-><BENZ> […]