Toyota G chip add key, which copy machine advice?

There are 6 Toyota G chip add key programmers advice.

Top 1: Toyota G and Toyota H Chip Key Programmer

Top 2: Smart Key Maker for Toyota G Chip and Lexus

Top 3: Toyota Lexus Smart Key Programmer

Top 4: TJECU CN900mini + YS31 CN5 chip

Top 5: JMD Handy Baby clone machine

Top 6: OBDSTAR X100 Pro or OBDSTAR X300 PRO3



Option 1: Toyota G and Toyota H chip key programmer

It works perfectly fine. I remote programming works as advertised. Very simple. Tested on Toyota Highlander and Toyota Rav4 until now.Separate key and remote on these cars that I tested.

Remote section works perfect no problem tested on a 2009, 11, 15 Camry , RAV4 , Prius C


What the description claims:

Apply to 4D67,68,72(G), support both G and H chip, test on 2015 Camry


Toyota Add Remote Control

Get in the car and close the door, insert the key and turn the key on, insert the device into OBD. After the sound(Dee-), it will start to add the remote control.

After the sound ( Dee- Dee-),open the door, when hear the sound blaring. Press ‘ lock & unlock’ key at the same time. And press the’ lock’ key. If the blaring end, It’s OK.

Note: Switch is on the right (add remote control).


Toyota Add Transponder:

Get in the car and close the door, insert the main key into the lock and turn the key on,and then insert the device into the OBD. If it will sound twice, it will start to add transponder.

After the sound (Dee-Dee-), 2-3 minutes later, anti-theft light is on. And then remove the key( anti-theft light will flash), insert the new key and doesn’t need turn the key,

anti-theft light will be off later.

Note: switch is on the left.( add transponder)


Price: $15.99



Option 2: smart key maker for Toyota G chip and Lexus

There is no need to install the driver and software for the key programmer, it is Secure, stable, fast, if you lost all the Toyota key with G chip, Lexus Smart Key Programmer, can add 1-3 keys.


Please use the normal key programmer read the data of 93C66/93C46/93C86, save the data and do the process next.

Take of the ECU Anti-theft module, and install the 93C66 eeprom IC to the Toyota right size adapter, then connect the USB with the computer, turn the function switch to Toyota G chip, then you can note the Indicator start shinny, then the process is success. Put the 93C66 back to ECU Anti-theft module, and after installed the Anti-theft module on the car, put in the first key, then take out the key once the Indicator off, and then out in the second key, do as the last process, after the Indicator off,, you can power on your car. You don’t need Synchronous operation.

Tip: One time just can match one IC, not depend on the turn, key don’t far away from the Sensing area.

Price: $129.99



Option 3: Toyota Lexus Smart Key Programmer

Take off the ECU IMMO model,. Then install the 93C46 eeprom IC on the Toyota key programmer right related adapter, then connect the USB with the computer, turn the function switch to Lexus Key, then you can note the Indicator start shinny, Induction into the circle of the key, touch the switch now by clicking under the relative position of the moment began to flash lights, light goes out after a few seconds, initialization is successful. Replace the eeprom IC EUC security module, replace the vehicle anti-theft module.


The ECU BOX module removed, the 93C86 eeprom IC programmer installed on Toyota models corresponding to transposons, connect the USB cable to the computer, and then switch to Lexus Key features bit, you can see the relative position of the 93C86 LEDs flash slowly into the state, put the key into the induction circle, now click touch switch relative position under the lights began to flash at the moment, a few seconds after the light is off, the initialization is successful.

Replace the eeprom IC EUC security module, replace the vehicle anti-theft module.


Indicate: Z type machine simply clean with alcohol IC pin into the transposon after, H-type

machine choose the corresponding IC solder pads.


Price: $139 in total



Option 4: TJECU CN900mini plus YS31 CN5chip

 TJECU CN900 mini plus one YS31 CN5 chip can copy Toyota G Chip, CN900mini can identify Toyota “G” chip key (year: 2010) (Chip: 4D-72).  Besides, TJECU CN900mini covers 4C 46 4D 48, etc. 

FYI:  To copy one Toyota G chip TJECU CN900 mini will deduct one token. There are 12 tokens as default, After use up, please send customer service with the serial number and the machine prompt code, then you will gain 12 tokens for free, for the second time, the tokens will be charged.


This is YS31 CN5 chip.


Price: $189 CN900mini + $30YS31 CN5 chip (5pcs)= $211



Option 5: JMD Handy Baby clone machine adds key on Toyota G chip

JMD Handy Baby G chip function is optional to authorize by extra money, as I known cost about $80, after payment succeed, mail the machine serial number for authorization file, then get the file to update.



Price: $499 (JMD Handy Baby clone machine + G chip authorization)



Option 6:  OBDSTAR X100 pro adds key on Toyota G chip

OBDSTAR X100pro and X300 pro3 is tested to add key on Toyota G chip.


Firstly connect it to the EEPROM PIC 2-in-1 adapter, then take apart the immobilizer box and initialize data to add key. Take 93C66 for example, find out the exact chip e.g 93C66 to connect with X100 pro, click option 93C66then put back the chip and go on add key.


Data initialization
Immobilizer initialization
VIOS immobilizer(with G)
Key chip 4D60(93C66)
Camry immobilizer
With G
Without G
Corolla immobilizer
89780-02070(93C66)(Without G)
RAV4 immobilizer (with G)
Tundra immobilizer (with G)
Other immobilizer (with G)
Data initialization(93C66)

Price: $299



That’s all

To sum up, which one to have, it depends on how deep you want them to go, and how much budget to invest.