Looking for ID 46 ID48 cloner, handy baby or cn900mini?

Actually, to copy ID 46 both handy baby and cn900 mini work ok.

I have done a few copies with mini cn900 for Nissan and made a straight copy, cut the key and copy in the office, went to vehicle and work. It does ask for some other vehicles to do the sniff.


If you want to also copy ID48, I suggest to you friends handy baby is the better one which can copy some of 48 chips.


Hot topic:

1) nd900 vs cn900 vs handy baby, which is better or its same?

Nd900 and cn900 are the same, with different color. All these devices update online.
handy baby is better and price 2 times higher.


2) cn900mini feedback on what can work:


-> So decoders are built definitely worth the money and good as a backup machine.

-> clone a Ford 4D63 into a cn2 chip with minicn900

-> clone a Toyota G chip into a cn5, no internet or decoder box

-> Can make ID48 80 bit into useable 40bit chip. Really powerfully machine if you know how to use it.


3) Handy baby Feedback

-> Handy baby works fine for fiat, but some take well over 30 mins to decode. Have done one Volvo, no problem.

-> The handy baby works very well. It is not a straight copy, you must still do sniff, but you do it using the built in antenna.

-> Handy baby needs to be connected to pc to clone g chips, works well. Although I did a chip on an Australian commodore & the range wasn good enough to reach their reader so wouldn’t work in the key.

-> Handy Baby programmer works fine on most of the functions it says it does. It’s a great tool


4) Claimed cloning coverage:

Both JMD Handy baby and TJECU CN900 mini can work on:

Copy 4D / 4C

Copy ID46

Copy 72G

Copy ID42

Copy ID11

Copy ID12

Copy ID13

Copy ID33


JMD Handy baby can work but TJECU CN900 mini can’t work:

4D86 DST80 (Ford) 4D70 DST80 (Hyundai/ KIA)

Copy ID48


Their features:

-> Mini CN900 Transponder Plus TOYO Key OBD II Key Pro work on Toyota ID72 (G) all key lost

Question: Mini Cn900 Plus Toyokey Does it really works???

Answer: toyota H chips not yet but G chips yes MINI 900 and handy baby can do it. toyo-key-obd-ii-key-pro-new-6



Handy Baby Plus JMD Assistant OBD Adapter works on Read ID48 Data from VW Cars


Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/jmd-assistant-handy-baby-obd-adapter.html



Handy Baby G Chip is paid option


Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/handy-babyg-function-authorization.html


That’s all.