GM TECH2 review: programming ok & diagnosis ok

Is GM TECH2 a full function device that will allow BCM access to reprogram for Remote Key fobs and steering control modules, etc. or is it simply a diagnostic tool?


Professional answer:

Full blown and updated to current software, and you will get a cracked copy of TIS2000. The glitch, is that the TIS2000 has been cracked so it does not connect to the GM site to authorize the software, so if you need to download a updated flash file from GM, your not going to be using the cracked version of TIS2000 to do so.


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So, the tool itself will allow code programming and testing just like a real GM Tech II, and you don’t need to use Tis2000 at all to do this with the tool.

Its when you are trying to reflash a module with upgraded software instead, and where you need to have access to the needed update file that things get a little more difficult instead. With TIS2000 (used mostly for updating software in the module), the TechII becomes a pass-through module so you can connect the car to a laptop and upgrade the software.

Since the cracked version of Tis2000 is not connecting to GM, it can’t be used to try to download the needed file from GM directly instead.

Here is you can’t find a source for the needed file other than GM direct, then GM does sell a one day subscription for $55 that you use instead. Hence you will uninstall the cracked Tis2000 version, install a normal Tis2000 version and use your one day key to activate it, down load the needed file for GM, and use it with the clone as pass-thou to reflash a module instead.
Note, if you do this, download all the files you can get your hands on during that one day for your car, and store them so you have them for a laster date if you need to change a module down the road and need to flash it at a later date.

As for the cracked version of Tis2000, it does make life a little simpler with the tool, since it saves a lot of Tech II button clicking instead. hence instead of using the tool as stand alone, your using your laptop to drive the tools normal functions instead.
Note, the tech II comes with a rs-232 cable to connect to your laptop. Since most new laptops do not have a RS-232 data port, then you will need not only a USB cable instead, but the needed driver for the USB cable as well.


Credits to @Dano523 CF Senior Member.


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You have to look carefully at what is included. For example the -B comes with the case but the memory card is not listed or shown. The -B3 came with all the accessories but no case which reduced shipping cost by quite a bit. You can’t go wrong with the -B3. It has everything but the case.


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SP23-B is the best Tech2 with Black Carry box, more stable

SP23-B3 is the SP23-B with carton box and best quality

SP23,SP23-C is the same as SP23-B, it also includes the Black carry box, but comes from another manufacture.

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