Nissan Altima 2006 program key with Consult III

Step-by-step procedure on Nissan Altima 2006 program key with Consult III special diagnostic tool and NSPC001 pin code reader.


Tools to use:

Nissan Consult 3 diagnostic scan tool + Security Card immobilizer for Consult iii

NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader


Nissan PIN CODE is needed when programming keys. So first of all connect the NSPC001 Nissan pin code reader into the OBD diagnostic socket. Read the 5-digit BCM code and transfer it to 4-digit pin code (NSPC001 has the function). Write down the pin code. Disconnect the pin code reader.



Plug Nissan Consult 3 scanner to the computer and vehicle with USB or Bluetooth connection

Insert key into the key hole, turn ignition ON with engine OFF

Start Consult-III software on the desktop

Click on “Connect” button on VIMI selection screen to connect with VI



When the computer and vehicle establish good communication, the Consult3 software will display VIN info.

Choose Nissan model and year, confirm vehicle information.



Wait until the Nissan Consult module to access all control modules, Engine, BCM, Transmission, Airbag etc. The car dashboard will illuminate and the indicator lights on Consult 3 will flash.



Click Diagnostic icon to welcome to Direct Diagnostic Mode program

Tick Key programming icon (NATS SELECT DIAG MODE) on the left menu, plug the Security card and press START

(There are two options under NATS SELECT DIAG MODE, Select C/U INITIALIZATION.



Push START BUTTON after enter password

Manually enter the pin code

Initialization completed

Follow system prompts until key programming procedure is done completely.