SKP1000 tablet key programmer good results and bad results

SKP1000 key programmer good results:

-I have passed SKP1000 key programmer because I always morn when most tools don’t work.

I bought this tool skp1000 is awesome, one of the best tools I have ever bought for my hard earn money, tried first time last week to program Citroen C8 remote car starts and remote works, the best you would really like to know is when you change to English language you can copy all VW ID48 chips and more, this tool will read pin code on most cars and you can change mileage on most cars, maybe one day they will update Audi key programming, the best thing about this Chinese tool is that it does what it says on the tin.


Nissan xtrail add remote key success


Transit 2007 all key lost – add key OK

Toyota Auris 2011 – connect, see key info


– SKP1000 can virgin 2017 toyota corolla immo and programme keys.

to be continued… search all possible testable car models


SKP1000 key programmer bad results:

BMW e90 320d 2005 – connect failed

Fiat Grande Punto 2009 – connect failed on standard OBD2 plug, don’t try use Fiat cable adapter

Soft – 8.19

Advice: Choose in the menu of the Fiat 500 with the prepared key by the dealer, or by a good locksmith


Claimed SKP1000 key programmer coverage:

All here for reference:

SKP1000 key programmer coverage

Note: SKP1000 is frequently updatable, this car list is only for reference.


Where is good place to have SKP1000 key programmer?

Personally, Ebay and Aliexpress are shops, where all the sellers sell their product, so more seller, more different price, more choice, and so more difficulties to choose which one…..

My main supplier is (not a new shop, but the old change new name), personally speaking they are worth to believe.

SKP1000 usually ship out within 24 hours with tracking number.