Free Download CG100 AIRBAG Tool Software V2.69 for Free

CG100 AIRBAG Tool Software has been updated to V2.69 for free recently. If you are interested in the new CG100 AIRBAG Tool Software, obd2eshop has provided the software for free download at:!oAZ0UK4S!giHXT4n9PlJSCD3rqJQjkfHhGrDGiLDqLYDpUNtB8dI
The latest CG100 AIRBAG Tool Software has several additional and vehilce supports and has fixed some bugs of the old versions. Below are the features of the new CG100 V2.69:
1. Add 2 types of RENESAS SRS computer Repair
2. Add Peugeot NEC SRS computer Repair, add 9807575680 and 9807575780 wiring diagram in software
3. Add 2015 Buick Excelle GT, Chevrolet Sail, Cruze pin code identification (correct odometer in BCM automatically)
4. Add NEC V850 series CPU, read Audi BCM, GM BCM and all D70F3XXX and D70F3XXX
5. Fix V2.686 software problem (1.Fix CPU auto-lock and can not read problem 2. Fix replaced CPU cannot work problem)
6. Fix software cannot read 9S12CPU problem (fix software communication error)
7.Fix BOSCH ECU ST10F series repair, power amplifier, ABS, DDME (read & write ST10F272 ST10F269 ST10F269)
8. Fix 9S12 mileage calculation automatically. Add 4 types of 2014 Brilliance Jinbei, Dongfeng AX7 instrument, Dongfeng Pickup 912XHY128, Haima Meifulai III HA48, JMC Pickup, Changan CS35, Changan Jinniuxing V3, Changan CX20, Wulingn HA HY, Changan -HA32