Original SKP-900 VS Clone, How to Know If your SKP900 car key programmer is genuine?

Recently we have found clone SKP900 car key programmer rushed into in the aftermarket. The clone ones are quite similar to the original one, so how can you tell the original SuperOBD SKP900 auto key programmer from the clone? Here obd2eshop provides you 7 main differences to identify the clone.

1. Logo

When turn on Original SKP-00 car key programmer, you will find the SuperOBD logo while the clone shows AUGOCOM logo.original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone1

2. LCD Screen

Original SKP900 car key programmer uses top quality high-resolution LCD display while the clone augocom uses worse quality screen.

3. Operating Speed

Original SKP900 runs faster than the clone; it takes about 10 seconds to load vehicle key programming software while the clone runs very slow and sometimes jump to the main menu list directly.

4. Weight

Original SKP900 weighs heavy than the clone.

5. Main Menu


6. Vehicle Support
Original SKP900 covers most mainstream Asia, Europe and USA car makes, while clone covers mostly Chinese car models.


Here obd2eshop takes Ford vehicle models for example:

original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone5 original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone6 original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone7 original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone8 original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone9 original-SKP900-key-programmer-vs-clone10

7. CE certificate

Original SuperOBD SKP900 contains a CE certificate while the clone does not.