Original FLY FVDI 2018 VS Clone FVDI 2018

Original FLY FVDI 2018 is different from Clone FVDI 2018 from outside to inside.


  1. They have different outlook and different price
  2. This is original FLY FVDI 2018



Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/original-fly-fvdi-abrites-commander-fvdi-full-version.html

Price: $329

Update on the official site: http://flyfvdi.com/

Service: free online service

Never locked


  1. This is clone FVDI 2018



Source: http://www.fvdiobd.com/fvdi-2018-main-unit.html

Price: $232

Update: Have no idea where to update, if it update on the official site, the machine will be locked, there are some users feedback on the mhauto forum this fact.


Locked or not, I can’t swear.

In this thread, one user feedback his FVDI 2018 from the above site was locked.


Seeing is believing:

fvdiobd-locked-03 true-fly-04


Is it clear?

Hope it helps.