BENZ W639 New Key Programming With CG-Pro And CG-MB

How to program 2004 W639 all keys lost?
Two option:
1.Used VVDI PROG to get dump and VVDI MB for key program.
2.CG-Pro and CG-MB can do the same job.
The second way can save more money .It’s a cheaper way

Instruction: W639 new key programming with CG-Pro and CG-MB

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-1

Take down lock,check the number

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-2

EIS related chip

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-3

Open CG-Pro,enter into the related operation interface

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-4

View wiring diagram

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-5

Physical operation

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-6

Read data successfully and save it

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-7

OpenCG-MB,Load the data just read by CG-Pro

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-8

Load EIS data successfully,show the password directly

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-9

Save EIS data,please default the file name

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-10

Go to “GenerateEE”,Load the EIS data just saved

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-11

Load successfully,please check whether all information is correct

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-12

Click“Generate key file”,please wait…

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-13

Key file generated successfully,please save data file

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-14

Go to “Read key”

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-15

Insert new key into CG-MB

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-16

Click read,show related information

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-17

Click write,please note the prompt,Click ok

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-18

Choose一unused key data file,click and open it

W639-new-key-programming-with-CG-Pro-and CG-MB-19

Write success,put EIS back,then just get on car to learning it