KEYDIY KD-X2 doesn’t do opel vectra c? any more good feedback?

KD-X2 Transponder and Remote copier list not incl.opel vectra c, how to do?

Q: opel vectra c ori 13.189.118, is not in the list of KEYDIY KD-X2 Transponder and Remote copier.

I have tried with: 2011 astra J NB Multifuntion, the car starts, but the remote does not work


A: id46 cloning chip or NB remote , if using nb remote may as well do a remote key by obd

Q: I’ve tried …, and the remote control has not worked.

I have used nb.


A: If you want to use nb you have to program the key.. You can’t clone the remote .


Generate remote using nb remotes and than program it..


Q: what is the procedure?

I would like to give it another chance.


A: Depends on tools you have..

Get pin code and program key. Truecode avdi..

Or read bcm eeprom and use tango or similar to program key.write back new file to eeprom. Remote should work as well


Q: I have pin and others.

the transponders there is no problem, the car starts.

the problem is with the command.


A: Most Opel cars after 2005 are using in circuit transponders… When you program transponder, remote is programmed as well..

There is no manual programming or via obd port with diagnostic tool for remote..


Generate keydiy nb remote and program it.

10 now wait, door open, close open the door.. Like in the video..

Remote will work


Although KEYDIY KD-X2 can’t support Opel Vectra C, it can do more fine.

keydiy kd-x2 feedback:

I’ve done touran 2004 &2005. 1k0959753G worked fine.


succeeded cloning ID48 chip on Golf 6 2010 Online.


I use CN3 for clone ID46.


Did a 2007 Range Rover L322 – with the weird Jag/Ford hybrid Sawdoc immobiliser today.
Copied chip to CN3 in seconds. No trouble at all.


Renew Mini original 7945 848Mhz: OK
Dodge fobik chinese 7961: OK


2006-2008 Range Rover L322 with hybrid Sawdoc immobiliser.
NB integrated remote (BMW EWS) cloned and working perfectly in seconds.


– Renault cards with 7941 OK!
– Megane/Laguna/Scenic with HF OK!
– Clio Smart Key AES285971998R 4A cant connect to transponder




Aygo 2011, remote made by keydiy, with a V3 pcb.
I could not get it programmed.
During the programming, the car reacts to the kd remote.
After programming cycle, it does not work anymore.
Only the original remote.

I tried several Times.
Could the cars maximum off remotes be reached?

How to erase all remotes?


New update:

 I Just finnished,
I made a non v3.0 kd key, using the 2005-2014 Aygo update.
And it works perfect.
Door locks cycle 1 time, accepted.
Tried with pre update kd remote, door cycle 2 Times, not accepted.
And a big thank you, to the K.D engineers, for this fast follow up.

The old original remote kept working, after programming of only the new. No erasing.

Fail list:

  1. Just tried decode id83 focus 80bits. Failed after 99%. Use handy Baby success in 10s.
    Id70 80bit Kia Ok.


  1. kdx-03 id46 clone transponders.
    I used them to clone a pcf7946 Clio key.
    Clone ok, car not start.
    Then i used a vvdi id46, car starts.


  1. failed to clone a 4D63 80 bit but used VVDI Keytool and it cloned fine. I also failed to clone a BMW 80 bit chip. Then, I have done this with handybaby.


I’ll keep an update in the new future.