How to tell if a FVDI 2018 is Fly version or clone?

It’s truth that Fly FVDI 2018 is verified working fine. It’s also truth some user find FVDI 2018 is not working. The reason is the market is flooded with original Fly FVDI 2018 and also fraud FVDI 2018.


3 methods to tell if a FVDI 2018 is Fly or clone?

  1. Fly FVDI 2018 firmware is updated in 2019 year.

Once the clone FVDI 2018 firmware connect to FLY software, the server will prompt it is clone FVDI 2018.

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  1. Fly FVDI 2018 official site is

Through the official site, you can download the newest software for Fly FVDI 2018, can access to the newest info.


Fly FVDI 2018 Download the software:

Register email and password – Then download:


  1. Fly FVDI 2018 reviews are more trustable
  2. Key learning audi a3 2007
    fvdi rb8
    read 7 bit ok
    read pin ok
    learning spare key – ok
    Key learning successfully…


Fiat 5.4: Fiat Ducato 2009 —> 3 Key’s Learning OBD Work Perfect

Question: Question: And remote also work? I tried with Ducato 2010, Immo OK, but remote doesn’t work. Didn’t learned keys with FVDI, used other OBD SW.


Yes, work Perfect

Remote work too
First read BSI to find PIN
Next step was programming 3 new Key´s
Old Key´s erased automatic
10min Job


  1. So where to buy Original FVDI 2018??

Here you can go:
You can ask the dealer for authorization file.