TOPDON ArtiPad I Review: Diagnosis for 2012 GMC Yukon

I run a garage and bought one TOPDON ArtiPad I diagnostic scan tool from obd2eshop last week. I could not wait to test it when the package arrived yesterday. It was handy and worked perfectly on 2012 GMC Yukon.


There were six options in the main menu. Select Intelligent Diagnosis. It needed decode VIN before diagnosed. Then select Diagnostic after got the vehicle information including Year, Make, Model and VIN.

topdon-artipad-I-1 topdon-artipad-I-2


Select Health Report. Then select Auto HVAC in Air condition, Base Radio in Radio, Without Trailer Brake in Trailer Brake and without (RPO Z95) in Leveling System. ArtiPad I stated scanning after that.


It took just a few minutes to pick up various modules and fault code was displayed.



HVACCM and SIR were found fault code. Select one of them to get DTC, Description and status. I could search DTC on google directly with ArtiPad I.

topdon-artipad-I-5 topdon-artipad-I-6


There are some other functions that I have not tested yet. I think they may be capable like diagnosis. This is absolutely the best tool I have in my toolbox and this tool was definitely worth every penny. TOPDON ArtiPad I is a great device and a must have nowadays.