How to Fix MB SD C4 No Access Authorization Code Error

Recently a customer bought a Mercedes Benz SD C4 on obd2eshop, after download the activation file, he got an ” No Access Authorization Code Error” when running the MB SD C4 software. Below is the email I received from the customer:

“Dear Cathy,

I downloaded the activation file, and “merged” it into the registry.

When I try to run DAS, I get an error message that the key is invalid.

See attached files. What do I do next? mb-sd-c4-authorization-1





If you have got the same error message, please do not be worried, this error is caused simply because the Xentry software is not activated. Please send you Hardware ID (HW ID) to and our technicians will activate the software for you. Please notice: we can’t provide activation for orders from other sellers.