Launch CReader 9081 diagnostics & service feedback Yes and No

Launch CReader 9081 diagnostics & service feedback Yes and No in the aspect of hardware, diagnostic & service functions, key programming features, specific car models test results, price,Etc.


-> Hardware

The code reader is packaged well in a retail box. Everything was included that I needed to use this on vehicles and for updating the software. They provide the cable to connect to any 16 pin connection in newer vehicles. A USB cable is provided to connect the reader to my laptop. A MicroSD card in the size of 8GB is included and already installed in the code reader. An adapter to insert the MicroSD card into and then connect that adapter to your USB port is included. Also included is a really nice carry case for everything to be stored in. I provided a picture of that carry case, it is working well and protecting the reader.

The screen on the reader is very easy to see and bright.


-> WORTHY for its diagnostics & service functions

Launch CReader 9081 was a little expensive, but recently the price drop down to 245USD plus free shipping on some China dealer .

No matter what the price is higher or lower, it’s WORTHY. Not to say it’s the best, but it’s true that the Launch CR 9081 has more special features than I’ve seen that of other similar products. It is combined full OBD II functions with extra 11 modes of reset. I have to admit, it will be the best assistant of my car maintenance and repair.

It’s suitable for over 40 main car models. We avoid costing more money to buy all kinds of code readers.


-> Many functions

It offers OBD full functions and it can also read transmission, abs error code. I didn’t find any issus until now, and I think the price is reasonable with these so many functions, very good!


->2013 Chevy works very well

Using this to track dpf regen on my 2013 Chevy. Works very well once connected. It needs be upgraded before using.


-> Nissan works fine

Launch CReader 9081 code reader read the code perfectly on my Nissan that my older code reader couldn’t do and I then quickly found the problem. I highly recommend this code reader.


->Ford Focus and Kia. Worked great with no problem


->2012 Honda CRV diesel. worked well

show me all the cars info, turn off engine light and clear dtcs.


->Toyota Tacoma

CReader 9081 diagnosed a misfire on my Toyota Tacoma , I replaced the coil and no more engine light. It not only gives you the code, it tells you what the code means !

-> Show procedure on what to do next

Worked for what it said it was. Shows you procedure on how to reset oil light. Pulls abs codes and engine and transmission codes. Does not have live misfire data. Which for 200 i would expect in a scan tool


-> 2011 Hummer H3

Ran into some trouble getting code info on a 2011 Hummer H3. Everything else has been working fine.


->key programming feature:

I had bought two replacement keys for my ‘06 Toyota Sienna, and I was only able to manually program one. With this scanner, I was able to erase the old key from the memory and program the new one.


-> Best Gift for car worker husband

My husband is car worker. I bought this code reader for his gift. I knew the scanner’s function is useful for him by going through product description. An excellent worker should have great tool.


->  Launch CReader 9081 software update is easy

Launch CReader 9081 software update was very easily done by following the provided instructions.



  1. Did not work for me to fulfill for what I need it for to reprogram my 2004 gmc 1500 sensors for throttle matching have contacted the manufacturer but they said to download for my truck off their site
  2. 2002 F150 with ABS light on …no work
  3. 2007 Toyota Rav4 with TPMS light on …no work


For more….I will update.


If you are interested in Launch CReader 9081 and think it is what you want. This site is what I tested working, so highly recommend here:

$245 free shipping, seems to be lower price than before.