Launch CReader 9081 DIY scanner reviews what work and don’t work?

If you are interested in Launch CReader 9081 DIY scanner, but have no idea if it can do as what it claims, and even have no idea where to buy it, then I am sure this post on Launch CReader 9081 review will give you a guiding light.


Review 1:

Launch CReader 9081 is great for do-it-yourself mechanic or even professional technician. It’s quick and easy to diagnose and show the trouble codes.
I will suggest you read the quick start guide before use it. It helps you with the preparation you should to do to update the car manufacturer data. The manual shows how to upgrade and explains the step of upgrade in detail.


I really like the quick access buttons, with those buttons you can read the diagnostic trouble codes, clear the trouble codes, get helps and access to I/M readiness status more convenient.


Just connect the car and press the button, it can scan automatic.

I did some simple tests, and viewed the data on the 4 inch color display, including that car information, monitor status, freeze frame, etc. It helps me to know more about my car.


Review 2:

For a 2017 Chevy Colorado with the 2.8 duramax diesel.

brake bleeding, SAS etc… CReader 9081worked

DPF function, 02 sensor, evap, bi-directional funtions and other…didn’t work

Google “launch 9081 update” and it took me to a launchx431 website, where it took about 5 min to navigate and find the update screen.


Review 3:

06 Toyota Sienna manually program key OK with CReader 9081 , able to erase the old key from the memory and program the new one.


Review 4:

Shows you procedure on how to reset oil light. Pulls abs codes and engine and transmission codes.


Review 5:

CReader 9081 perfectly works on my 2015 Tiburon, the EPB, BMS,TPMS, SAS functions are all well. I am so surprised and happy with its key programming feature, it is really useful and special, I can erase the old key from the memory and program new one. Amazing!


Review 6:

CReader 9081 combined full OBD II functions with extra 11 modes of reset.



Review 7:

the Anti-theft matching function is a good solution to my concerns.


Review 8:

It has OBD full functions, and it can also read transmission, abs error code. I think the price is reasonable with these so many functions, very good!


Review 9:

Using Launch Creader 9081 to track dpf regen on my 2013 Chevy. Works very well once connected. It needs be upgraded before using.


Review 10:

Launch Creader 9081 read the code perfectly on my Nissan and I then quickly found the problem.



Where to buy Launch CReader 9081 DIY scanner?

You can go to, its price drop down: