Launch Creader 9081 diagnose & reset VW with no problem

Use Launch Creader 9081 to easily diagnose & reset VW with no problem, it’s perfectly even I am a new user. I use it to firstly read & clear fault codes, read data stream, O2 sensor test … and do some reset service functions.


  1. Plug Launch Creader 9081 to the VW DLC, and it will automatically start to the home menu, there are 4 options: Diagnose, Record.., settings and help. Choose “Diagnose” then press the “OK” button.



  1. You can see “OBDII/EOBD” and “Reset”,select” OBDII/EOBD ” then press the “OK” button.



  1. Entering system.



  1. Monitor status.



  1. Diagnostic option: Read codes, erase codes, I/M readiness, Data stream, freeze frame, O2 sensor test, on-board monitoring, Evap system test, vehicle information and more.



  1. Read codes.


  1. Data stream.

launch-creader-9081-diagnose-reset-vw-07 launch-creader-9081-diagnose-reset-vw-08

View graphic items.


8.Go to reset function: Bleeding, battery change, brake reset, DPF reset, ETCS reset, IMMO, Injector codeing, Oil lamp reset, steering angle reset and TPMS.

launch-creader-9081-diagnose-reset-vw-011 launch-creader-9081-diagnose-reset-vw-011

8-1: Steering angel reset for example, it covers 41 car brands.


The “Help” option offers DTC Library.