Kess V2 v5.017 chine clone red pcb vs. green pcb

  1. The same

They are the same internally.

Kess v2 5.017 is the newest version and the sellers claim to support more 140 protocols including Line, KAN, EDC17 and MED17 and for Ford J1850


– Both version allows users to connect internet during operation and won’t be locked any more.


-Compatible with cars, trucks, tractors, bikes.


-Unlimited tokens (the former version is token limited)


– No reset button


– No USB dongle


  1. The different: PCB color

Kess V2 Master 5.017 china red pcb with best quality components, it follows:

Red board

  1. use of imported Japanese Murata NFE61PT472C1H9L filters.

2.8x WFs = Infineon, BCR112 NPN Digital Transistor

3.7x 27E = ON Semiconductor NUP2105LT1G

4.8x 6DW = NXP BC817215 NPN Bipolar Transistor

5.3x A6c = MMUN2113LT1G / MMUN2113LT3G check your ktag PCB may already have 3 x A6c

6.2x K5B = BC807-25-7-F PNP Bipolar Transistor


kess 5.017 red review  kess v5.017 red review



  1. Kess V2 v5.017 eu version green pcb

kess-online-version-support-140-protocol-green-board kess-online-version-support-140-protocol-green-pcb



  1. Kesss V2 master 5.017 EU clone purple PCB          








Of course, neither China clone nor EU clone is original one, if you have big budget, buy original here


Actually, china clone Kess V2 v5.017 in red pcb or green pcb works fine via plugging kess 5.017 into the OBD port of vehicle. Take some test reports for example:

edc15/16/17 basics work fine.. Kline an Can ok

lot of denso ok ,tested today on 2016 navarra 2.5L 144hp (7059) all fine..via OBD of course (check ktag for jtag,tricore and others… )

(The EDC17 made by OBD are Audi, bmw and renault without Tp)

Kess accept virtual read i test on AUDI A5 2.0 TDI 143hp 2013 EDC17CP46. it”s ok by obd

ksuite Sw reset token when open, same as all kess 5.017 or new ktag 7.020/26 Fw.

Berlingo 9HX: only readID from engineand works ok

PSA Bosch EDC 16: read ok

Skoda Octavia 1.9 AXR EDC15: read ok

BMW EDC17CP02: OBD write ok

BMW EDC15: OBD read/write ok

Ford Mondeo SID206: read/write ok

K-line and CAN both OK

VW EDC17CP14: read/write with tricore module

2008 Sprinters with Edc16:no issues

KESS V5.017 can support car/truck/tractor/Bike…support both 12V and 24V vehicle..and newer vehicles
KESS V5.017 has no token limited for all compatible vehicles
KESS V5.017 has no grey protocols ..full protocols such as EDC17/k-line/DSG/DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 Gearbox/ST10….
KESS V5.017 read and write ECUs via OBD easily, Do not need to disassemble ECU…more user-friendly than KTAG V7.020
KESS V5.017 do connect internet…Online need disable the network connection on purpose before use

To be continued…


Claimed KESS V5.017 car list


KESS V5.017 installation video: