Original KSuite 2.41 + 2.43 free download: on Kess V2 3.099 4.036 clone

Here the KSuite 2.41 + 2.43

Original from Alientech !

Work with Kess V2 3.099 !


KSuite 2.41 free download

https://mega.nz/#!xIRT0KDZ!_IKhFpKxb91rJezjAVQONCCgqt3X7miHkf3O5z854 Yo


KSuite 2.43 free download



Tested by the DK member TheDevil667, he feedbacks: I have only Kess V2 3.099 clone to test and gone good no crashes !


Kess V2 4.036 test result:

User 1: added new cars but no reading..It works very slowly and will crash..

User 2-3: Kess 4.036 works fine OK, perfett


Kess V2 5.017 test result:

not working, get “external exception EEFFACE” error.



5.017 & 7.02x only work with own version of ksuite, not with original, made on purpose not to destroy the interface by internet connection. So, this version of ksuite (and any newer) only good for original equipment owners.


To use it with original Kess, If you have valid subscription for original equipment ask alientech client service, they will make it work for you.


Also New K-Suite 3.06 For u to test !

K-Suite 3.06 part 1



K-Suite 3.06 part 2



3.06 have online server and all time authorization device so it’s crazy to upload this software to china shit.


Please test it, work or not work, just have a fun.


I find it’s something interesting so share here, I am not responsible for the test results.