(Solved) kess fw 4.036 sw 2.13 doesn’t work with lots common cars

I bought this kess fw 4.036 and sw 2.13 from site http://www.obd2eshop.com.
kess sw 2.13 software could be downloaded from here:

kess-v4.036-pcb-01 kess-v4.036-pcb-02 kess-v4.036-pcb-03

I have problem with the tool, doesn’t work with a lot of common cars, like 1.9 tdi (golf mkiv leon etc) sometimes read sometimes not, and i have already bricked an edc16u just for connecting. know I dare not use it.
I want to rework it, but i don’t now if my pcb is ok or not, or if problem is on fw and sw.

Expert suggestion:
you can’t go back to fw3.099 so i would personally replace the transistors or the ones that need replacing to start with
compare the pcb to the original and then replace what needs to be replaced
sw you shouldnt be using anything other than version 2.08.
kess sw 2.08 download from here:

Then, I installed sw 2.08 and good libraries to the sd, but now when I open ksuite every time it installs firmware again (without internet connection).
Finally, solved! I delete files on upgrade folder after upgrade it and now it doesn’t do it!