(Solved) XPROG M ECU programmer Unknown command, Software error


If you get an error message “Unknown command, Software error” as shown in figure 1 when you are programming vehicle chips with V5.50 XPROG M ECU programmer, please follow the instructions below to fix it.

Solution 1:


Step 1. Buy a chip showned in figure 2 from local aftermarket shop and replace the old chip in XPROG M V5.50 with the new one.

Step 2.Download XPROG M software V5.50 without USB key from the link below


Step 3. Install the software.

Solution 2:

If you cannot find the chip in local stores, you can get it in our shop:

Step 1. Provide your order number to our customer service

Step 2. Take a picture of the lazar label on your machine and send the picture to our customer service

Step 3. Let our customer service know your XPROG M V5.50 software version. Our customer service will then apply a CPU chip that can fix the issue for you.

Step 4. Replace the new CPU chip with the old one

Step 5. Download XPROG M software V5.50 without USB key from the link below: http://www.chinaautodiag.com/html/xprog-m-v550-box-ecu-programmer-free-download-7492.html

Step 6. Install the new software, and your XPROG ECU Programmer will then work again.

Note: Now the latest V5.50 XPROG M package includes 2 chips for replacement. So if you have XPROG V5.50, you can use the chips in the package directly.