How to off SCR in Volvo EURO 4 Truck

Few parameters date  for you, if you want to off SCR in Volvo EURO 4 Truck :

volvo-euro4-programming-parameter-01 HJS-02



  1. not work. via parameter programming. need full reprogramming.


  1. Actually, need more than a few parameters.

Need: flash file + Visfed+ WinOLS + knowledge+ PTT. or scr emulator(working one).


image 1: Volvo VISFEAD online flash



image 2: Volvo VISFEAD flash files



Image 4: Tech tool 2.7.25 update info



Image 3: Tech tool 2.7.25



1) I need original flash file from Volvo – (right now I’m searching for original file .dat)
2) Encrypter/decrypter for V4 file (not sure whether i can use for old Visfed for .dat file)
3) After decrypt original file
4) In WinOLS need to remove Torque Reduction map area (Don’t know location and file which needs to be map)
5) encrypt
6) Programming