How to MINI VCI Techstream to get 2010 Pirus functions customized

3 weeks ago I got a Techstream mini VCI cable from an online seller for $26.99 with shipping included. Got it to erase DTCs on a 2010 Prius, found it was also able to customize some functions.

First caution: The USB to OBD2 MINI VCI Techsteram cable driver will only run on a 32bit XP computer or 32bit Windows 7/8 computer with XP mode. Even with an old 32 bit Win XP computer, I had to load/reload the cable driver 3 times. Once done, it is great.

How to get to the customizable features:

Connect the laptop to the car OBD2 port just under the steering column. Start Techstream and depress the brake pedal and press the cars power button. Techstream should ask you the options on the car (radar cruise control and sunroof). It will also pop up with the VIN number and ask if you want to save it.

After that it is easy. Just select the third tab from the left, Customize, and it will look like the picture below.


Next select one of the Customize Functions and a small box will pop up with parameters. (See picture below)


If you click on the parameter, an explanation will show in the Item Description box below. After you are done selecting parameters, click on the arrow in the bottom left of the small box and it will ask you if you want to save. Select “Yes” and move onto the next Function. You will be amazed at the options you have. You can even turn off the seat belt beeper on the driver or the passenger side or both.

I turned on 4-door unlocking and turned the backup beeper to only 1 beep. You can turn on/off the remote button functions. Actually, my dealer inadvertently turned off ALL of my remote functions and was not able to turn them back on. This was my main reason for digging into Techstream. I was also able to program a new remote Key Fob using the Smart Key Menu on the fourth tab!