How to use GM Tech2 scanner to turn off seatbelt alarm, program DDM, add modules

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Beginner’s guide on using GM Tech2 scan tool on SAAB

Recently, we have quite a few future-buyers asking about GM Tech2 scan tool. Here obd2eshop would like to share a simple guide for SAAB with pictures for GM Tech2 beginners. To use the scanner on SAAB, you will need a 32MB PCMCIA card. Some functions are hidden and work in conjunction with other functions (like rolling locks, keyout unlock).

How to connect Tech2 scanner to SAAB OBD port

1. DLC cable connection
2. SAE 16/19 pin adapter (P/N 300098)

How to turn off seat belt alarm:

This function is in “Most Common Adjustments”

Select your Saab year and model then select all.

Make sure your key is set to On.

Then you will see these options on your Tech2 screen:

Select F5. Most Common Adjustments

This brings you to:

Select Seat Belt Reminder = Off

How to Program DDM, Enable Comfort Open/Close, Learn Pinch

Security via TIS2000! Without this you would not be able to add anything!!!

Go to main menu, select F0: Diagnostics and then select your model and year.

Select F7: Add/ Remove

How to add modules

Thanks for reminding me Tech2! I will do this down below!

Looks like Tech2 caught an error! Passenger door’s anti-pinch was disabled somehow… It fixes it automatically.

So that was pretty straight-forward right? Now hit Exit and go back. We have to setup pinch protection under the service tab…

Holy Cow! My fingers almost were chopped off!!!

That’s pretty much the same for adding all modules. I have to say, autosuggest is your best friend. If you mess up adding wrong part, the ECU will catch the mismatch. Bonus.

This guide was originally posted in saabcentral forum.