How to Fix DIgiprog 3 Mileage Programmer Blue Screen of Death Issue

DIgiprog 3 is one of the most popular mileage correction tool because of its low cost and great performance on the OBD2 tool market. One of our customers complained that the device he got is easily to develop Blue Screen of Death after upgrade. In fact, the BSOD issue is not caused by the digiprog 3 mileage programmer itself – but of careless operation. Users who do not follow exactly the update procedure are tend to run into this problem. To solve the issue, please do the following:

1. Copy Digi1.bin and Digi2.bin, two items in the upgrade package, to the two chips( as shown below) respectively through a new chip programmer:


2. Restart DIgiprog3 after finishing step1. The device should work fine if the problem is fixed.