How to use Lexia 3 to disable Mitsubishi TPMS light

I have a 2010 EVO X and just like many owners, I have been looking for a way to disable the annoying “TPMS Service” light for a long time. Good news is FINALLY I found a thread from “Mitsubishi forums” and got the light disabled. Here is how I did it. A Lexia 3 code reader is required in this process.


Things you will need:

– Lexia 3/ PP2000 diagnostic interface with Diagbox software– The Lexia 3 I am using is V46, the latest version is Lexias 3 V48. If interested: Original Chip Lexia-3 Lexia3 V48 PP2000 V25 for Peugeot and Citroen Support 307/C5 with Diagbox V7.57

– A Windows XP computer or laptop or a Win 7/8 laptop with XP mode

How to:

  • – Install Lexia 3 V45 software first

– Then, navigate all the way the in the PP2000 10A & lexia v46 UP dir and find update_lexia_346.22.exe

– Run this v 46 updater pointing to the same location you chose in the v 45 install

  • Hook up Lexia 3 interface to the OBD port in my EVO X.

– The v46 upgrade will be performed automatically at that point, simulating a web upgrade.

– Do the activation and make sure you use LEXIA-346 since you are updated

You will do just one activation that way otherwise you need to re-activate after the upgrade.

  • Select “C-Crosser”, “Lexia”, “Diagnosis” and then “test function”. Choose category depending on your selection, there take SUV as an example and come to the ECU list.

– You will see the ETACS interface also called “BSI”.

– Select BSI – Configuration – Manual configuration then there will be two options the vehicle configuration and customer options.

– Select the clients of the options, select “repair”.

  • Go to the “ETACS-SUV Programming default menu.”Select “Under the Inflection”. TPMS is included the option. The current state is present (ON).
  • The system is now under crippling the state of inflation.
  • The system automatically disables inflaction settings. The status now turns to “away” (OFF)
  • TPMS light is disabled.

Here are some photos:

lexia3-tpms-light-1 lexia3-tpms-light-2 lexia3-tpms-light-3 lexia3-tpms-light-4 lexia3-tpms-light-5