How to fix Toyota MVCI Techstream “unable to connect to VIM”?

This morning a customer contacted me because his Techstream software for MVCI Toyota prompted “unable to connect VIM”.

“I installed from both the supplied disk and the Skydrive, also tried all the different installation instructions on my Dell laptop. No problem installing Techstream. But when I applied it to a 1999 Toyota Yaris, I got the error: unable to connect to VIM.”

He provide two pictures of the error message and the software interface:   mvci-techstream-unable-to-connect-to-vim-1


The tool he bought is an original Xhorse MVCI diagnostic tool. It is highly recommended by professional Toyota mechanics. Usually the reason that the error pops up is not with the tool. So I inquired the customer and found out that he run both the Techstream and Xhorse firmware at the same time.

If you own a MVCI and are reading this article, please be aware that do not use Techstream when the firmware is in use; vice versa.

This is because the softwares will both communicate with MVCI 3 in 1 hardware, and interrupt Techstream working. Here is the solution to the problem:

Solution 1:

Restart laptop.

open Techsream, click “Setup”,  then “Techstream conficuration”.

mvci-techstream-unable-to-connect-to-vim-3 2. Select “Area Selection”, get a country list and then select “Europe”.

mvci-techstream-unable-to-connect-to-vim-5 3. Select “Default Language Selection” and choose “English”.mvci-techstream-unable-to-connect-to-vim-64. Click “Ok” in the next window.

mvci-techstream-unable-to-connect-to-vim-7Solution 2:

Install MVCI 3 in 1 software and drive on a desktop with Windows XP system.

Run Techstream separately.

Sometimes it could be with the laptop that Techstream is installed on. If the software works, it means the laptop does not support the software.