How to Fix Citroen C2 Engine Won’t Run with Lexia 3 Scanner

Recently my garage fixed a Citroen C2 equipped with 1.6L engine and manual transmission. It has about 130,000 km. The driver said the engine would not run when he started the car.

Trouble diagnostics:

I checked the storage battery and the power supply system. They were ok. I used LEXIA-3/PP2000 scanner to diagnose the engine system. There was no fault code. I checked the crankshaft sensor. Measured the electric resistance, it was ok. Replaced the crankshaft sensor with a new one. Tested the car. The engine still cannot run. I found that the fuel pressure was about 300kpa, which met the standard value. I checked the fuel injector. It was also ok. Then I checked the ignition system. Spark plug and ignition coil also had no problem.


I used  LEXIA-3 diagnostic tool to test the BSI. No fault codes. Looked at the data stream. I found that the engine control module was locked. I brought the ignition key, BSI and engine control module from another car. And equipped them in the trouble car. The engine also cannot start. Maybe something wrong with the converter module of steering wheel or circuits of anti-starting system. So I changed the converter module of steering wheel. But, the trouble still existed. Measured the voltage. The 5th terminal is 0v. The standard valve should be the voltage storage battery. I checked the circuits. I found that in F4 fuse in BSI was broken. The ignition key cannot contact with BSI. BSI failed to send the unlock message, so the engine was locked.


I changed the F4 fuse. Tested the car. The engine can start smoothly.