How to Cut Hyundai Sonata HY22 All Key Lost by Xhorse Dolphin XP005

To cut a Hyundai Sonata HY22 with Xhorse Key Cutting Machine when all keys lost, you’ll need to get its key code at first. After successfully reading out bittings with LISHI tool, I’ve got the key code K1635. Now, it’s up to Xhorse to do the rest!

This time I’m going to use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 to finish the job. It’s surely workable if you have a newer Dolphin 2 as well.


All key lost >> Hyundai >> Enter key code: K1635 >> HY22

It tells to use M5 clamp on B side, tip align position line 2.

Put a key blank to fix on M5 clamp.

Cut key >> Cut

Dolphin XP005 will start cutting directly…

Wait processing until 100%.

After one-side cutting was finished, turn over the key to cut the other side.

Cut key >> Cut

All we have to do is just waiting and let it go.


Once cutting finished, take out the key for a test.

It actually works and works perfectly.