SEC-E9 key cutting machine reviews: GOOD

SEC-E9 key cutting machine does not only drop price but also receive lots of good reviews.


Seeing is believing…

User 1 feedback:  

Well thank goodness for the wonderful support got with My sec e9

This cutting Machine is my company’s life holder  just started automotive about a year ago and could not afford much I sold my car by this machine and it has paid off from day one I was able start cutting high security key blanks any key really it always cut them perfectly absolutely perfectly. 1 day I woke up and it was cutting wrong I contacted my representative at the sec E9 company Leslie she got an engineer and several other people together for a conference call I showed him the problems I was having they came up with a solution and soon after my machine was up and running again it cuts perfectly every time I love this machine



User 2 and more feedback:  

Working fine too.

Works fast, smooth and perfectly.

Here I attach 2 screenshots.

sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-reviews-good-02 sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-reviews-good-03


So happy with SEC-E9 key cutting machine:



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SEC-E9 CNC Key Cutting Machine Update Software version and Database version 15.16. The operation will be Android instead of Windows


Newest version add the following key data:

  1. YM23 8-cut (IC card 1896) key


  1. FIAT 500L key and key code


  1. ONDA motorcycle CB150 key


  1. Oldsmobile, Mahindra, maruti key and key code


Improved key data includes:


  1. Improved Hyundai, Kia, Toyota menu: add new choices of manufacture year in and after 2015.


  1. Hyundai, Kia, Toyota key and key code


  1. HONDA (IC card 982) key code


  1. Mitsubishi, Maserati, Chevrolet key code.


How to upgrade SEC-E9 key cutting machine —for Tablet PC Bluetooth Version?

  1. Click “Setup”



  1. Click”Wifi”



  1. Connect Wifi
  2. Press “UpdateCheck” after the wifi is connected successfully.

( Please notice that you just need to click the “UpdateCheck” once, no need to click it repeatedly)



  1. Click “Upgrade” button



  1. After upgrading successfully, the tablet PC will automatically jump to the main page.



  1. Please keep the Wifi linked when upgrade
  2. Please keep the network smooth
  3. Please do not close tablet PC when upgrading
  4. Please do not operate the tablet PC when downloading the upgrade files.
  5. Please disconnect Wifi after upgrade is done. ( otherwise the system will generate garbage when tablet PC updates automatically. Also  cause the system to run slowly.)