How to Update Condor XC MINI Plus II Via WiFi

How to update Condor XC MINI Plus II key cutting machine? By Xhorse Update Kit?

No! You can update it online directly.

We generally update Xhorse key cutting machine (such as Dolphin XP005Condor XC MINI Plus) online via Xhorse Update Kit by using a personal computer. It needs to connect the PC to our machine with a USB cable so that it can update the device.

However, the new Xhorse Condor XC-MINI PLUSⅡ allows users to update the system, APP, firmware, and database on the machine directly. It’s much easier and more intuitive for anyone using the machine.

So, how to update?

Step 1: Connect to WiFi network

Tap the Wifi icon to enter the system setting

Select WLAN connection

Choose one available WiFi network and input the correct password

Connect well

Step 2: Update XC MINI Plus II

Press ‘Update’ at the top right corner on the main menu

In the Data Update

Click ‘UPDATE’ to update system, APP, firmware, database…

Wait a few moments to update

Note: Make sure the WiFi connection is good and don’t press the POWER button while updating.

After updating successfully, the device will restart and load automatically.