CG FC200 released a new mpc5xx adapter for bench edc16 ECUs

CG FC200 Programmer released a new mpc5xx adapter for bench edc16 ECUs (EDC16CP31, EDC16CP35, EDC16C2, EDC16C8 etc).  With this adapter you can read and write edc16 in bench mode.

Not all edc16 ECUs are available yet, but it’s a pretty good start. FC200 released frequent software updates. This has a fairly cheap purchase price!

How to Read EDC16 with CG FC200 on Bench?

Example: BMW 5 series EDC16C35

Let’s connect the programmer.

First to the PC on another one on the CG FC200 pro. You should connect first the power supply but this one you can connect first to the OBD or opposite it doesn’t matter.

After making good connection, let’s search for the ECU

Check wiring diagram and connect as diagram

Network is required if you want o have checksum correction.

This is our connection.  You need internet for verify this authorization.

You can read flash, external eeprom and flash.

Read and save Pflash

Read and save ExtEEPROM

Read and save ExtFlash

let’s make a writing of the data. let’s simulate we will write the external flash.

you’ll notice the external first F2 megabytes.

If he will write all this data or he will write only the differences between what is inside and what will put it on?

CG FC200 goes so quickly because he doesn’t find the difference between these two readings and our opinion is good because it’s not necessary to write all the Flash.

if it’s not necessary like on this case.

You need it only for let’s say EGR or DPF and it’s not necessary to delete all the entire flash.