BMW CAS 4 programming by XPROG 5.84: 100% OK

XPROG 5.84 is able to program BMW CAS 4 100% OK without any problem.


Here comes the images:

bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-1 bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-2

Run Xprog software

Click on “New”

bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-03


Next is to read and write BMW CAS with XPROG 5.84.

bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-04 bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-05 bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-06 bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-07 bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-08 bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-09



I want to say, XPROG 5.84 is the cheapest working solution to BMW CAS 4 programming, comparing with VVDI Pro, R280 etc.


Where to have cheap and working XPROG 5.84?

Here you can go:

Here full package:

bmw-cas4-programmin-by-xprog 584-010