Autel MD808 or Autel MD802 (Full System) or Foxwell NT510,Which is the Best?

One puzzle from the garagejournal forum: I’m curious in this three scanners-Autel MD808, Autel MD802 (Full System) and Foxwell NT510,I basically need to code a new better for a 06 Audi A8 and check the modules and reactivate a Parking Brake on a 06 BMW 750i after repairing it.I’m not sure but is there one machine that basically can do mostly everything possible without having to buy two separate machines?

Check some customers’ reviews:

I have the MD802 the Maxicheck and the NT510 with GM program. The NT 510 is the most powerful of these. The truth is that when you look for low cost solutions you must give up something. Be it slow speed or functions. The options are reasonable cost or spend the big bucks for a pro setup. If you need bi-directional including key programming, epb, auto brake bleeding etc, the Foxwell does them for low cost. The display is small and it is not very fast but it does work. The Autel models have a larger display and are faster but don’t do as much.

The Maxicheck says it does TPMS but when you buy it you find that does not do TPMS. That was one of the reasons I purchased it. So I feel that it was a waste of money. The maxicheck used to be able to do TPMS, but they removed it. it could read live tpms data, but could not register sensor id’s.

The non pro Autel scanners do have lifetime free updates so that is a plus. Autel systems seem faster than the Foxwell.


Bought the Foxwell NT510 and it did exactly what I needed it to do.

The NT510 comes with your choice of 1 manufacturers software. You can also purchase up to 4 more manufacturers software at about $100.00 ( the last time I checked) before the 510 is as full as it can get. I think if you need more then you must remove 1 to put in another. Given the amount of functions possible with the 510, it is a good buy. The Autel is faster and has a cleaner interface, but the Foxwell does more. It is a tough decision to make about which one will be better for you. I purchased both and have used both.

Recently picked up an MD802 all system and an NT510 Chrysler.

Ability to test specific modules, and perform calibration tests, which is what I got it for in the first place (replacing blend door actuator). Has a setting for ABS bleed, can dead cycle injectors, etc etc. The NT510 arrived with all current updates installed on an 8Gb micro SD card. All updates, for at least one make, will easily fit on the 8Gb micro SD with room to record data while scanning. The unit includes a micro SD card reader, which is how it communicates with the PC suite. The card goes in the reader, which occupies a USB slot, and that is how updates are performed. the USB cable that comes with the unit is only for printing functions apparently.

Lifetime updates on the Foxwell is a HUGE bonus. Adding other makes is $100 as someone else stated above. Which is pretty reasonable if you’re primarily working on your own vehicles or a handful of friend/family rides.

Got the MD808 Pro on Friday  Did a full scan(all modules) on a 2012 Pilot and it really picked this thing apart. I need to find and print an updated acronym list and all will be good. For the price, this thing is hard to beat.

A good tool for a small mechanic shop or DYI Working on a lot of different brands of cars.
Will pull codes on all systems and a lot of subsystems that only an OEM tool would do, will read & reset ABS SRS OBD2 tras codes, tpms, service intervals. If there is a module on the car, this thing should be able to read it. Update site works well, unlike Launch. Good quality construction with a solid protective case.

Easy to use. Finding easy the vehicle’s systems and responding quickly, showing fault codes, recommending action.
I´ve been using software-based scanners ( on PC) rather long time, but AUTEL MD808 is more intuitive and easy to navigate through the different systems, SRS, ABS etc.
I am very satisfied and will recommend this gear to everyone that wants a handy and accurate tool.

In conclusion:

The Autel is faster but does not do what the Foxwell will do. The Foxwell is less expensive too. I have both and think they are both good products.BTW, Foxwell NT520 Pro-the upgrade  version of NT510, it’s price same to the nt510,NT520 is more better choice