CG FC200 Read and Write EDC16/ ME9.0/ MED9.1/ MED9.5 ECU on Bench

CG FC200 ECU programmer can read and write Bosch EDC16/ ME9.0/ MED9.1/ MED9.5 ECUs on bench now. To perform this function, make sure your software is updated to V1.1.3.0, and need an extra MPC5XX-P02-M230102 Adapter to work with.

Free download V1.1.3.0 CG FC200:

Size: 573.5 MB, no pass!

CG FC200 V1.1.3.0 Update info (May 24th, 2023):

1.Newly added CONNECTAL TC17 platform mode ECU: PCR2.1, SDI7, DPS6

2.Add BOSCH MPC5xx platform mode ECU: MED9.1, MED9.5, MED9.5.10, ME9.0, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP35, EDC16C2, EDC16C8

3.New Volkswagen TCU mileage repair function: DQ200 TC1766, DQ250, VL381, DL382

4.Add Hyundai/Kia/Ssangyong KEFICO CPEGD2.20. x ECU functions: platform mode data read and write, modify VIN functions

5.Add Mercedes Benz CRD2. x MPC556x engine platform mode

6.DELPHI TC17 chip ECU adds PFLASH verification function

7.ECU with PFLASH verification function added to BOSCH ST10F chip: ME7.4.5

8.GM 6T30, 6T80, 6L80 TCU added PFLASH verification function

9.Diesel ECU EDC17C53, EDC17C63, EDC17C81 and other newly added anti-theft system shutdown functions


How to read and write EDC16/ ME9.0/ MED9.1/ MED9.5 ECU with CG FC200?

Make sure the BOSCH MPC5xx Read/Write Data (platform) authorization is activated. If not, provide the SN of your FC200 ECU programmer to our customer service to check and activate.

After activation, run CG FC200 software

Select the corresponding car brand, model, and ECU, and enter the platform interface

Follow the wiring diagram to connect CG FC200, MPC5xx Adapter, and BOSCH MPC5xx platform mode ECU.

Identify the ECU, and select the related option to read and write ECU.