BMW ICOM / ENET cable with E-sys coding on 2016 F36 Use and configuration

I have a 2016 F36 and an ENET cable that I have used for E-sys coding. I have installed ISTA+ and the installation is fine. Two questions:


  1. Should I start the engine to perform diagnostics with ISTA+?


  1. In the Settings _Vehicle Interface is “ICOM/ENET Direct” the preferred setting, or should I use “ICOM/ENET local area and ISIS”?

ISTA+ Settings_Vehicle Interface

ISTA Use and configuration:

  1. To do the diagnostic you can start the engine but you don’t have to, the battery consumption is low at that point. But when you programming or update your software you must connect a battery charger as the consumption is higher and it takes some time. Don’t have the engine running.
  2. Use the setting with direct connection. The local network is for the shop with a bmw “server” ISIS.