Beginner program BMW E92, ISTA-P and ICOM interface is safest way

If a beginner wants to program BMW E92, the safest way is to use ISTA-P and an ICOM interface. Go on reading…

User: Beginner

BMW model: BMW E92

Purpose: Programming

Tool option:
1. Programming requires an BMW ICOM
ISTA/P or WinKFP with latest SP-Daten Files. Either will require an ICOM for Programming as DCAN Cable will most likely brick module(s).
NCS Expert is for Coding, not Programming. This is the same for e65/e66 vehicles.

2. You can use WinKFP and K+DCAN cable for flashing enginetrain ECUs, but for a beginner, you will most likely end up with many issues. The safest way is as the experts said above is to use ISTA-P and an ICOM interface. I was researching the same topic for a friend’s E63 M6 and came across many posts on m5boards that use winkfp/k+dcan to update some of their non “MOST” based ECUs but it is quite involved…