Why Key Pro M8 asks “by system or by vehicle model”?

Recently a customer who bought a The Key Pro M8 key programmer from us a year ago asked me a question about using the tool. He told me that his M8 prompted a message “by system or by model” when he was trying to program a key for a 06 Honda civic.

It was the first time that he got this kind of message. He was wondering why the message popped out and what can he do to eliminate it. Then I asked obd2eshop technicians, according to which the message indicated that the tool did not support reading pin code of the car, and he would have to get the pin code in other ways.

In most circumstances, M8 Key Programmer is powerful to read PIN codes for most vehicles and only in very certain cases will it ask locksmiths to get pin codes in their own way. When seeing this message, locksmiths can first rest assured that their M8 programmers are alright, and then they should use other tools to get PIN code for the vehicle.