Win 7 Install Toyota Techstream 14.10.028: No need activation

TOYOTA Techstream V14.10.028 is already tested working ok no bug, in this article, obd2eshop engineer shares the procedure of installing Toyota Techstream 14.10.028 on win7 without activation.

Video demo:

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1. Copy and paste “Techstream_SetupNA_V14.10.028” to the desktop.

2. Open “Techstream_SetupNA_V14.10.028” to install until complete.

3. Click on “MVCI Driver for Toyota_Cable 2.0.1” to install Mini VCI driver for Toyota TIS.

4. Open “Techstream” on the desktop.
Click “Yes”.

5. Toyota Techstream 14.10.028 requires to register.
Click on “Cancel” (Later you will know how to do…)

6. Click on “Setup” and click on “VIM select”, then choose “Xhorse MVCI”.

7. Exit Techstream to crack the software.

8. Techstream 14.10.028 crack method:
On the desktop, right click on “Techstream”, choose “Shortcut”. Meanwhile open “Read me” to copy “Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1 ” and to replace “MainMenu.exe”
Click on “Apply” then “Continue”.

9. Driver installing successfully.
Plug Mini VCI cable to the computer.

10. Open “MVCI Firmware”, click on “Device Info”
Firmware: 1.4.1

11. Open “Techstream” on the desktop.

12. Connecting to the vehicle and then automatically read out the Toyota information (Toyota Yaris 2007).

13. Choose “Engine and ECT” to go on.

14. Trouble codes list

15. Continue to enjoy Toyota Techstream 14.10.028.