Tips for VW Sharan 2003 ID44 Key Programming

How to copy, program or add one new key for VW Sharan 2003 with ID44 ?

To program you need PIN and some vag tool, even cheap vag-com. For PIN you can use various tools depending on car variant – sbb, fvdi, x100, vag tacho and many others. pin is just 4 digit number, in vcds you must provide following 0 to get 5 digit.

Sharan is same like ford galaxi from 1995 to 2003 immo is location in immo box , immo box location under dash.

Locksmith suggestion:


Today made one,precoding with zed bull, read code with t300, and program with obdstar x100 pro

Chinese sbb or ck100 can do these no problem. You may have to insist with the pin code reading, but it will extract it, then the programming process is same as any normal vag car for the immo, except that u use an id44. To add the remote it is done using the drivers door lock.

Forgot to mention , chip precoded with fvdi2 vag tag tool. I always keep one precoded, because if it is unused it is unlocked and can be cloned. Faster than precoding.

How to learning new remote on this car?

1. Ignition ON with 1st key
2. Get out of the car, close the door and insert second key into driver’s door lock.
3. Turn the key to the unlock position 3 times ( key must be held in open position by 1 seconds ).
4. Remove the key. The driver’s door LED will illuminate. Within 20 seconds:
5. Press and hold the lock button.
6. Still pressing the lock button – press the unlock button 3 times.
7. Release the lock button. Remote is programmed