Tested OK or Not OK by Digiprog 3 Mileage

This blog is OK or not OK reviews on Digiprog 3 Odometer Master Programmer. You will know what’ tested working and not working with Digiprog 3 separately.

Digiprog 3 mileage correction Tested OK results:


Audi A4 2002 OBD OK

Audi A4 2001 1.9D with OBD OK

Audi A4 2005 OBD OK

Audi A4 2006 OBD OK

Audi A5 2008 OBD OK

Audi A6 c6 2004 OBD OK

Audi A6 2005 2.7D by OBD, first time read info but didn’t write new values, second time OK

Audi A4 B6 RB4 Crypto OBD OK

Audi A6 4F 2011 OBD OK

Audi A6 c6 2007 OBD OK

Audi Q7 2007 OBD OK (first try didn’t change, second try OK)

Audi A8 D4 2012 OBD OK

Audi A8 2004 OBD OK


Golf 4 OBD OK

Golf IV AGR 1998 OBDII OK – dash fuse need to be pull out at the end of the procedure.

VW Golf 5 OBD OK

VW Golf 6 OBD OK

VW Golf 6 OBD OK

VW Golf 6 2008/12 OBD OK

VW Caddy 2012 OBD OK

VW Passat 2003 OBD OK

VW Passat 2005 b6 OBD OK

VW Passat 2006 OBD OK

VW passat 2011 OBD OK

VW Phaeton 2005 OBD OK

VW Touran 2011 OBD OK

VW Touran 2010 OBD OK



Skoda Fabia 2004 OBD – OK

Skoda Superb 2006 OK

Skoda Octavia 2009 OBD OK

Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI (no DPF) 2009 facelift 77kw – OBD OK

Skoda Superb 2014 OBD OK


Toyota Avensis 2005 via chip OK

Toyota Avensis verso 2005 via chip OK

Toyota Yaris 2006 93c56, program chip OK.

Toyota Rav4 2011 via chip OK

Toyota Celica 2001 connector 04/02 OK


Mercedes CL63 AMG OBD + Filter OK

MB E-class 2003 OBD OK

MB C-class 2009 OBD OK

MB E-class 2011 OBD OK

Mercedes CLS 2014 OBD OK

MB A-class W176 2015 desolder chip 95640 + can filter. OK

MB A-class W168 2003 OBD OK


Ford C-Max 2007 OBD OK.

Ford Fiesta 2007 OBD OK

mondeo 2008. big screen (color) OBD OK


Ferrari 458 Italia 2010 – OBD OK (1min)

BMW X3 2006 ST01 OK


Vauxhall Vivaro 2010 93c66 chip OK

Vauxhall Vivaro 2013 93c76 chip OK (need to desolder chip. chip is easy to find at back of cluster, nearby connector)

Citroen Nemo 2008 ST01 OK

Citroen C3 BSI chip 95160 read/write OK (no need desolder) dash 93c46 chip OK

Peugeot 607 2005 BSI 95128 chip OK (Desolder), dash 93c66 OK (no desolder)

Renault Twingo 2013 by chip 96c66 OK

Kia Ceed 2008 with C56 – OK

Dodge Nitro OBD OK

Fiat Bravo 2007 OBD OK

Seat Toledo 2000 OBD OK

Honda Civic Type R (EP3 MY 2004) by EEPROM 93CS56 OK

Chrysler 300 C 3.0 Diesel 2007 OBD OK, but after odometer correction there is fault P242F for DPF filter. After DPF regeneration everything is OK.

Digiprog 3 Tested Not OK results:

Mercedes sprinter destroyed dash

Ford Kuga EEPROM 24C32 write failed. Put 30.000km but dash show 48.000km

Octavia 2014 not work

A4 2003 with RB4 – OBD not OK

MB ML 2006 Seat belt via OBD it didn’t work and later engine light on

Mercedes A-class W168 1998/ 2001 OBD not work

Seat EXEO 2010 via OBD unknown version

VW Passat 2012 via OBD unknown version

VW Touareg 2006 OBD – Not Connected

Skoda Roomster 2009 OBD – Didn’t change

VW Transporter T5 2007 – Dash OK, Engine not OK