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Tested many makes and models from 1998-2015. Vw, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan and it preforms well for each application.


You won’t be disappointed! I researched and compared to several different Autel devices, Launch Millennium 90 “PRO” and the Foxwell won based on a list of features. I have tested many makes and models from 1998-2015. Vw, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan and it preforms well for each application. Update was easy and fast as long as you read and follow the instructions. For a scanner under $300 this has to be top on the list. I previously owned an Autel OBD2 basic engine reader, if you are ready for the next step up then buy this scanner. I was originally thinking of spending $1,300 for a full system and am now realizing you don’t need it to do most of the work. The live data on this device is sufficient to diagnose problems. The Foxwell reads all the major systems you need.


Easy to use-hard to register for updates


Does what it says. It doesn’t do everything for every vehicle. It does not have full functionality with a 2014 Jeep Compass, and probably other common vehicles as well. I found it kind of humorous that cars like Bentley and other European makes were in the list of vehicles, but many American cars were either missing or lacked certain functions on the scanner. Getting the thing registered and updated was a pain. The instructions aren’t super clear and the website runs slow, so I tended to think I made a mistake and started over. It took a few tries to get hooked up and registered and the scanner updated.

The good news is, it checks LOTS of parameters, and the real-time data and graphing are very helpful. The long connector cable allows me to drive while a passenger checks real-time data from the passenger seat. The front panel controls are pretty straight-forward as well. I wish I could get more functionality for the vehicles I currently own, and less for a Bentley, Mercedes or BMW. If I could afford one of them, I could probably afford to let the dealer do my diagnostic work for me.
So, one star deducted for only semi full-functionality and the registration process, but five stars in all other areas.


It helped me diagnose check engine light

 Foxwell  nt650 helped me diagnose check engine light that would come on, call the dealer make an appointment and two days before the appointments the light would go out, not once but three time this happen to my wife’s car, so this time it came on I drove to her work and hooked up the meter and found a misfire on cylinder three, found a bad coil that had been slowly dying. (Its is winter in WI and it has been very cold so it is hard to get an appointment in a timely fashion.


it might be worth it since dealers can charge a fairly high cost for simple things like replacing a TPMS sensor.


I bought this because I have several vehicles and find myself the ‘friend’ mechanic for other people. Besides the basic ODB code reading, you can do things like:
– reset TPMS (tire pressure sensor). If you have a bad sensor on your wheel, you can install a new one and link it to your car. Without a tool like this, you’ll have to go a dealer and have them link the new sensor.
– reset TPS (throttle body alignment). If you’ve ever cleaned the throttle body, you know that it has to be reset. Many cars require a special tool, and this will do it. I recently used it on a 2007 Honda Odyssey.
– do Mode 6 testing
– run ABS (brake) tests and procedures

It supports several dozen models of cars, inlcuding all the common ones from Honda, Nissan, Ford, etc. and you do not have to buy any other packages or licenses like you do with the NT520. It also supports some cars that most people have never heard of, like Perodua, Vauxhall, Dacia, etc.

Data is stored on an SD card inside the device. Updates are done by inserting the SD card into your computer and running the updater software that you download from the Foxwell site. It comes with a USB SD card adapter so you don’t need an SD slot in your computer.

The screen is easy to read, the buttons are somewhat stiff but still work ok. The included data cable is ridiculously thick and stiff, and could have easily been made thinner, but it is still functional. All the advertised functions work as expected.
Doing a firmware update is easy, be aware that this works best on Windows 10. Mac is not supported.

If you just need to read and clear codes, this is not the device you want – just get a cheap ODB reader.
But if you need the extra functions, it might be worth it since dealers can charge a fairly high cost for simple things like replacing a TPMS sensor.
I only gave 4 stars because of the overall lower build quality of the unit, and the buttons are the cheap membrane type that tend to stop working after heavy use.


Highly recommended this product for money saver


I have a 2005 Honda Pilot which always gives me a error light once a while. I really dont want spend money to fixed the car at Firestone. so I try to fix problem by myself but I need a good code reader to tell me what is the problem. I do some reach on OBD reader and decided to try this FOXWELL reader. It has a lot of features, such as SRS, ABS,EPB , DPF. It has a easy to read 4″3′ color display and make me very easy to read. Now I can easily change the oil at home and use this scanner to reset the oiling sensor. I can use this scanner to diagnostic my error code and I can order parts online to fixed it. How much money I can save with this scanner every year. Since they has so many product relate with autorepair, the customer service is pretty awesome. Highly recommended this product for money saver.




I own a 2015 Passat TDI SEL Premium. I started getting the ABS/ESC/Airbag/TPMS lights on a drive to work one morning. At first, the lights would come on the go off for a brief second, then right back on. Eventually the lights became to sporadic to track but at least one was always on (this also knocks out your cruise control). I purchased the Foxwell NT650 with high hopes and the unit did not dissapoint. I was able to clean all bogus codes (erroneous voltage readings, false positives, etc.) and focus in on the ones that mattered. The unit narrowed the problem right down to the left rear ABS/speed control sensor. After a quick trip to the local auto parts store, ($54USD for part) and a simple replacement, the car was back to working perfectly. The NT650 is extremely user friendly, powerful, and quick. I look forward to using the unit many times in the future!


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