V2016.1 Multi-diag Access J2534 software installation guide

Step 1: Install Multidiag J2534 Setup

Open software CD
Copy SN (Serial Number) key pad to desktop
Run setup

Click on Next
Accept the license agreement

Click Next

Multi-diag will require you to enter VCI serial number, open key pad and paste SN here-033918

click on Next
Select setup language


Select setup type
Profile ACTIA (Standard)

click on Next
Installing MSVisual C++, setup, driver in progress
This will generate Multi-diag shortcut on desktop

Select Yes. I want to restart my computer now. Click on Finish


Step 2: Install Multi-diag J2534 Pass thru USB driver

Connect Multi-diag access J2534 pass-thru with computer
Select Install the software automatically (Recommended)
Click on Next
Searching Pass Thru USB driver
Found new hardware wizard. click on Finish

Go to My computer->Manager->Device Manager->I+ME ACTIA XS Device->Pass Thru+xs USB driver TO MAKE SURE WELL CONNECTION IS BUILT


Step 3: Communication interface update

Open Multi-diag software on desktop
Select Multi-diag

Select model year and module, i.e VW->PASSAT VI (2005-2011) Engine system-VAG diagnostics


Communication interface update

Accept the warning by click tick icon

The vehicle communication card cannot be reached,confirm to try again, Cancel to ignore, click tick icon

Check Pass Thru+xs USB driver then if it pops again, click No icon

If multi-diag warns AWFInterpreter Security ERROR, click on Tick button


Communication interface update.
Error while downloading the VCI. Check that it is connected to the tool and to the vehicle,click tick icon
Go back to software vehicle selection menu
click on Car icon, turn on the key


Step 4: Install Pass-thru driver
Only when you install Pass-thru driver can you test the car
Select install from a list or specific location (Advanced),click on Next


Save driver to C:/ACTIA/Drivers VCI/PT1G

click on Next
USB passthru driver installation complete. Click on Finish


Check driver  installed and multi-diag diagnostic scanner interface connected with both computer and vehicle by selecting Manager->Device Manager->PC–******->ACTIA USB Devices->USB PassThru Driver

Detect vehicle VIN and vehicle protocol, now you can start test