Review for OEM Orange5 EEPROM programmer from Customer

Here are OEM Orange 5 customer review and software, connection schematics provided.

He bought the Orange 5 clone eeprom programmer in

1.It is Clone but I confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with Immo HPX 9V0 and adapter set
2. The original Orange5 with adapter + same software around thousand dollors
3. Right got this in today. Software is very easy to install.

all functions open 1 – 10 exept car radio get error
tested reading usual eeproms all good
tested tms370 with adapter board did not read so maybe bad adapter board

tested immo login code from dump ,tms vw works

will test as i go

but there is one thing you should noticed
Well the original does not work with PSA so I don’t think the clone will

4. I read today 1d69j adapter success

5. this is a clone by the look of things and from downloading their software they have immo software and NEC software but only a couple from the radio software.

Here is all the immo images from their software if anyone wants them;!eoNQQaRA!u1r5kYYjtl2VXDuh8W5Fh39m_1J6IsW7C-cZHssurgw

Orange 5 software including:

Orange5.rar V1.34

o5tool.rar Orange5 Tool V1.3

or5demo.rar Orange5 demo

cncterm.rar cncterm V1.20
M30876FJ.mp4 Video Manual for work with M30876FJ Free

(Software is free, contact customer service)


Language: English French

Operating system: Win XP,Win 7, Win8


Original Orange 5 vs.OEM Orange5

OEM Orange 5 support basic module with less adapters/chips

MTRK (included in Orange-5 base)
TMS (included in Orange-5 base)

Immo HPX 9V0

Original Orange 5 support full module with more adapters/chips:

1. Orange-5 (include 05BP2&HC11A/Exx; TMS; K/CAN)
2. SOIC8 14 93Cxx adapter
4. Adapter 908AS60/AZ60 QFP64
5. Adapter 68HC(7)05P3/E6
6. Adapter 05B/X 705B/X QFP64 V2
7. Adapter 11PA8/11E9 QFP64
8. Adapter 68HC05H12
9. Adapter 68HC11EA9
10. Adapter 908AS60
11. Adapter 9S12Dxx
12. Adapter 912Dxx
13. Adapter 9S12X
14. Adapter 912B32 QFP80
15. Adapter 68HC11F1
16. Adapter 68HC11KA4
17. Adapter 68HC11L6
18. Lead 05B6 WDT VW immo incircuit
19. Lead for EWS3 mask 0D46J
20. Lead 912 (9S12) incircuit
21. Lead 908 (08) incircuit
22. Lead 705E6 incircuit
23. Adapter TMS374C003A
24. Special software ImmoHPX

OEM Orange5 basic chip list