Renault CAN CLIP Update guide


When I using the Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface with V156 software, it gave me error:

“Getting in connection
Download the application firmware.
Update of the sensor firmware ”

Translated in English:

Application firmware download.
Updating the probe firmware”



Failed reservation probe.

Try again and getting technical assistance in case of novel failure.

(Failed to reserve the probe.

Try again and then contract technical assistance in case of novel failure.)



For renault can clip diagnostic interface from China with item no. Sp19-a , sp19-c, sp19-d

Users have to go to update before using the new software

Select Update, then DO NOT operate the computer


CLIP update is available once

CANNOT cancel the update; if so, the update will be available again only replace a chip marked with red or send back to the factory for repair


Renault can clip diagnostic tools with the newest software from won’t pop up the update information.

Now, the newest version is Renault can clip v168:

The message is only popped up when old tools are used with previous Renault CLIP software. For example, a user bought the Renault can clip v160 but now he wanna used it with the latest CLIP v168; then the message above will be displayed.

So, for use of new software, users must update Renault CLIP diagnostic software.