Question about MB STAR SD C4 DAS language

Dear Cathy: 

mb-sd-c4-dasI have got the MB STAR SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic tool that I bought from obd2eshop. The machine comes in English; I am German, and want to read in German rather than English. I tried to set the language of DAS this morning but failed. There are 21 language options in the MB SD C4, but I am wondering how many languages are available when using its DAS? How can I get Germany for it?



Dear Anton:

After you set the language in MB SD C4 Xentry, the language will be the same language for diagnosing, if you use Xentry every time you diagnose a car. The total 21 languages are available in this circumstances.

One thing you have to pay attention, if you do not diagnose or program in Xentry window, the system will automatically use DAS to do the work. The language in DAS will most likely be the language you set before.

However, if your DAS is installed on the desktop, only English is available then. In this situation, you should enter Xentry window for a different language.

Best regards