Nissan Pathfinder R51 TCM Programming with Consult III Plus

How-to:  change the factory TCM software from the automatic transmission Jatco RE5R05A JR507E installed in the Nissan Pathfinder R51. 

Vehicle Model: Nissan Pathfinder R51 2.5L YD25DDTi AT dorestayl 174hp 2005Y software number 31020-WL60A

The equipment used in this case: 
1. XProg-Box;
2. Consult-3;
3. Consult iii Plus;
4. NERS;
5. LuKey 852D +;
6. QJE QJ3005C III. 

31020-WL60A E51_04m-06m_VQ35DE_JPN_2WD;
31000-4X04A R51_08MY_YD25DDTi (High) _EUR_4WD;
31000-EB30C R51_05MY_YD25DDTi (High) _EUR_4WD;
The first 5 characters of the firmware:
310 2 0 – 2 WD.
310 0 0 – 4 WD.
According to RE5R05A, the question is closed, after installation on the car everything works correctly.
With a change of software, things are easier here, on the CAN bus it is easy to read / write.


In general, everything worked, but there were kicks during the shifts, different torques
in the software for shifts affected , the gear shifts were incorrect, at high speeds, which is not very good for a diesel, etc.
Here is such a beautiful TCM unit , all in oil, shiny and tasty smelling.


The marking of the Bosch Jatco 31040-90X10 0260 550 002 gland itself was released on November 25, 2004:

The list of errors when connecting to the Consult 3 plus on the table. You can remember this moment, we will return here later:

Well, what should I do, I need to change the software to 31000-4X04A and the like, so that everything is ok.
First I decided to take the path of least resistance and shed the necessary software from under Nissan Consult-3 … then Nissan Consult-3 plus … and after Nissan Ners, along the K-Line
 indiscriminately and solder. An hour and a half of reprogramming, and the software remained old, although the software was rolling and the config was rolling, and the firmware files of the new blocks, and all sorts of different configs, all this I have, but it did not take off:
Since this did not work, then we will open and solder. Back side of TCM :

Some other inscriptions:

The cover snaps remarkably, tracks to pressure sensors and solenoid connectors are visible, and to the main connectors F502, F503, F504 :

The tracks are cut in eight places (when installed, they are soldered without problems):

The sticker sticker was very readable, until I walked on it with a heavy alcohol bottle:

It’s strange but the board is not covered with gel (below will be a photo of another TCM unit for comparison):

Inside the Motorola MPC555 + external Eeprom- memory M95160 :

I connect the XProg-Box , solder the required number of wires, merge Flash, Configuration-A, Configuration-B and Eeprom :

Reading device to NONAME2 … Ok.
Verify device with NONAME2 … Ok.
Elapsed time: 00: 01: 59.197
Reading device to C: \ Users \ Ivan \ Desktop \ TCM_31020-WL60A \ Flash.bin … Ok.
Verify device with C: \ Users \ Ivan \ Desktop \ TCM_31020-WL60A \ Flash.bin … Ok.
Elapsed time: 00: 00: 04.932

Reading device to C: \ Users \ Ivan \ Desktop \ TCM_31020-WL60A \ Config-A.bin … Ok.
Verify device with C: \ Users \ Ivan \ Desktop \ TCM_31020-WL60A \ Config-A.bin … Ok.
Elapsed time: 00: 00: 04.880

Reading device to C: \ Users \ Ivan \ Desktop \ TCM_31020-WL60A \ Config-B.bin … Ok.
Verify device with C: \ Users \ Ivan \ Desktop \ TCM_31020-WL60A \ Config-B.bin … Ok.
Elapsed time: 00: 00: 19.320 


nissan-pathfinder-consult-iii-plus-15 :

Eeprom :

Further, the entire internal memory of the MPC555 + M95160 is erased and it is filled in the same way but for version 31000-4X04A .
After these frauds, the unit is sealed, installed in its rightful place, the cut tracks are welded together and the back cover is latched.
I connect Nissan Consult-3 , I see the required version of the software:

And on the software from the gasoline version there was another error P1705 , indicating a connection with the DPS (see above).
On the U1000 and P1772 can not look – TCM on the table and nothing but the Consult is not connected to it.
Another TCM unit , the board is covered with gel, it is strange that on some boards it is, but on others it is not:
Current consumption by TCM , with Nissan Consult-3 connected to it :
There will be no connection scheme to the board, you can not even ask.

Disclaimer: The tutorial is translated from Russian. Credit to oP1on3Ro. You are at your risk.