Nissan Pathfinder R51 TCM Programming with Consult III Plus

September 6, 2019 sales 0

How-to:  change the factory TCM software from the automatic transmission Jatco RE5R05A JR507E installed in the Nissan Pathfinder R51.  Vehicle Model: Nissan Pathfinder R51 2.5L YD25DDTi AT dorestayl 174hp 2005Y software number 31020-WL60A The equipment used in […]


09.2018 Nissan Consult 3 Pus V81 Download FREE

September 3, 2018 sales 0

Free download Nissan Consult 3 Pus V81 software:!qkdQhKpL!Mk4d38MGQEELLc353A8L1Q   Another link is updated here in case the first doesn’t work:!dZ4gmajQ!977arAOoZrIlic575puaDqyidwil-NOf8N6Lz8xHz_c C3P v81 and […]


Nissan consult3 plus V75 .20 free download win7 8 10 works

August 23, 2018 sales 0

Nissan consult3 plus V75.20 free download:!WYYmiQ6J!QDCblZBomUBfEkTUEHd9ZCHWzV0cUKM-_3fT0nW7scg Nissan consult3 plus V65.12 free download!GRIEQTjT!BpR-ysRj2rDj8dPO5U1xnBE05qA5-NEFcMhmAoo4MsY OS: Win 7 8 10 all works No password Safe to […]